Giving with Joy in Hardin County

posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

As we come to the end of July, we would be remiss in not highlighting Hardin County in our review of 2019 giving (with JOY!) from the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation.

In Hardin County, the Foundation’s work benefited 4,366 families and donations were valued at $146,768. Some big ticket contributions have previously been featured in this column, including $100,000 to the Christian Women Union Thrift Store for their new store that just opened at 825 Brooks Road. The other large contribution was a van to the Hardin County Office of Veteran’s Affairs, which was a donation made possible by a new program called Project Food and Fellowship.

With another new Foundation program called Ignite the Spirit of Community Giving program, the South Hardin FFA and Student Leadership Team received two cases of pork, $250 and a meal kit to carry out an event in the community. Operation Christmas Meal made two stops in Hardin County in 2019, one in Eldora and another in Iowa Falls.

Earlier in the year, we provided nine local food pantries with $6,588 worth of pork loins for 1,020 families through Haul Out Hunger. Those food pantries also received children’s care packages thanks to Henry’s Heroes, a program named after Jeff and Deb Hansen’s grandson Henry. We rounded out our giving in Hardin County with Power Snack helping 165 Hardin County families with coupons valued at $9,043 for children to make protein-packed ham sandwiches.

Statewide, the Foundation helped 67,013 Iowa families in 2019 through contributions and donations valued at $1,565,043 in 158 towns and 64 counties.