Green Farmstead Program Grows... Along with thousands of trees!

posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Iowa Select Farms thanks Frazier Nursery in Vinton, Iowa, for helping us add 14 farms to the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers Green Farmstead program. Frazier planted 1,861 techny arborvitae trees, dogwoods and lilac bushes around finishing farms in Audubon, Butler, Calhoun, Crawford, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, Humboldt, Ida, Palo Alto, Union and Webster counties. Selected for their quality, hardiness, growth traits and ability to serve as an effective windbreak, the trees and shrubs will help reduce livestock odors coming out of the barns.

In May, Iowa Select Farms announced a partnership with the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers’ Green Farmstead Partner program. As a Green Farmstead Partner, all new company-owned finishing farms will feature trees on three sides of the farm and shrubs on one side.

Alex Frazier, owner of Frazier Nursery, is ready to welcome even more of our farms into the program once the rain quits. “We need a minimum of five consecutive rain-free days to get our equipment in and trees in the ground,” said Alex. “We’ve been significantly set back in our planting, but hope to make good progress yet this fall and early spring 2019.”

As Alex and his team wait patiently at Frazier Nursery, so do Iowa’s farmers, all in hopes Mother Nature will deliver a long run of warm sunny days.