Grundy County Relief Organization Receives Pork Loins

posted on Friday, August 14, 2020

As one of the main relief organizations in Grundy County, Operation Threshold offers a variety of services and resources to local community members including monthly food boxes, access to affordable housing, crisis services, heating assistance and childhood development programs.


“Our clients can’t always afford to incorporate protein-packed products like this into their diets,” explained Coordinator, Jodi Rowe. “Plus, we are expecting our numbers to increase once our people get back to work, kids get to school and our office lobby opens up."

Like many hunger-relief organizations, Operation Threshold has adapted to the unique challenges COVID-19 has thrown them. Summer is usually their busiest time, but closing their office to by appointment-only has been an adjustment. Even still, the organization is supporting 45 families (down from their normal 70-80) in the community.


The Iowa Select Farms Haul Out Hunger crew filled every nook and cranny in their freezers with pork loins. In total, we unloaded 36 pork loins or roughly 648 servings of protein-packed pork.

“Not only is pork super healthy, but families can stretch these loins into two to four meals," continued Jodi. "It makes a huge impact.”