Hancock County Learning Center, Britt— Haul Out Hunger

posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019

“We work on a very tight budget and meat is very expensive,” said Jen Braun of the Hancock county Learning Center in Britt. “It is an excellent source of protein for the children and needed for their growth and development, but it isn’t always easy to fit into the budget. This donation is going to make a big difference.”

Hancock County Learning Center

Since opening its doors three years ago, the Hancock County Learning Center has strived to provide a quality, safe environment that parents feel comfortable leaving their children.

“We pride ourselves on providing excellent childcare so parents can go to work and provide for their families,” explained Jen. “We’re proud to be apart of this community.”

Outside of Learning Center

Although it’s only been open for a short period of time, the Hancock Learning Center serves more than 50 families in Britt and the surrounding area. This was the second year that our semi pulled into the driveway at the Hancock County Learning Center. This time, we brought along five cases of pork and 60 pork loins for local kiddos.

Carter bringing in pork loinsLearning center signage

“This donation is such a blessing for us,” continued Jen. “We serve children and low income families. About 50% of them qualify for free or reduced lunch, so this donation of pork loins is definitely a blessing for the community.”