Happy Retirement to Susan Jones

posted on Monday, January 16, 2023

Susan at her desk
After ten years with Iowa Select Farms and 29 total years in payroll—Susan Jones is retiring!

Susan said she was glad she responded to the job opening ad in the Iowa Falls Times Citizen as she could bring us her expertise and experience to a new opportunity. Little did she know that this new job would entail a payroll software transition…a daunting, high-stakes project.

“Accurate and timely payroll is something our employees count on, and Susan was instrumental in getting payroll data switched into a new system as well as the rollout of the payroll time and attendance pieces,” said Kerry Sweeney, Human Resources Director. “She jumped in to help with the transition and ensure it was seamless.”

“She is one of those individuals who just took care of things on the back end and did everything she could to make those payroll tasks easier for our production and operation managers,” said Madeline Doudt, HR specialist, who went on to say that Susan understood the needs of the managers and the different departments. “She always had a knack for figuring things out on her own. She kept us all moving forward.”

Susan said she was glad to have been part of the growth—both the workforce and, not surprisingly, the payroll team. Today, it’s a team approach between the finance and HR departments, with two full-time payroll people. Something that makes Susan glad to know that the work is left in good hands.

“I’ll miss the people the most,” said Susan. “Working in payroll offers the benefit of knowing just about everyone—where they work, their family, and their role in the company. I enjoyed getting to know employees across farms and departments and speaking with them in person and on the phone.”

“We’re grateful for her experience and dedication to supporting our managers and entire workforce as we grew our company and improved our payroll processes.”

Susan says that retirement will take some getting used to, however. She’s most looking forward to spending more time at home with her cats, sleeping in more and enjoying concerts in the upcoming year.

Congratulations on your new chapter of life, Susan. We are happy for you!

HR team