Hardworking Iowa Select Farms Employees

posted on Friday, December 3, 2021

The next installment of our awesome employee series features a trait that every farmer and agriculturalist can relate to: hard work.

Those who consistently show up to the barns bright and early to put in a full day of feeding, choring, breeding, farrowing, weaning, moving, sorting and loading pigs know what it means to work hard so it’s no surprise that the words ‘hardworking’ and ‘dedicated’ were used in over half of the Awesome Box nominations. In fact, a whopping 241 nominees were recognized for their dedication and hard work.

A great example of someone who embodies this theme day in and day out is Alexis, the manager at Clarke sow farm.

One of his co-workers noticed and decided to nominate him, saying, “Alexis is the hardest-working person I know. He's always committed to his job and position. He loves being on the farm. He's always thinking about how to improve his performance and what he can do to make his animals and team happy. Alexis always encourages me to give my best.”

Another sow farm employee that stands out because of their hard work and dedication is Casey, the breeding department head at Arends sow farm.

“Casey has been a nonstop hard worker from the day I started working with him. He is always working, helping others, and doing the best he can every day,” said one of his co-workers. “Casey will not stop working until he knows everyone is done with their tasks and will do whatever is needed in order to get those tasks done.”


Often, this commitment to dedication and hard work requires discipline and sacrifice. It means doing what needs to be done, even when it isn’t easy or convenient. This is something Adam, the manager at Sow 118, has demonstrated on his farm.

One of his co-workers recognized his dedication saying, "Twice now Adam has skipped his planned-out vacation to stay on site due to others being ill, or gilt loads coming in. He is a selfless leader who doesn't complain. He just comes in and works hard, even when he should be on vacation."             

As these awesome examples demonstrate, working hard is at the heart of what we do at Iowa Select Farms, whether employees are on farms like Alexis, Casey and Adam or in offices like Carolina, a member of the human resources team who brings her dedicated spirit to everything she does.

“Carolina is an incredible asset to the HR team! She is incredibly proud to work for Iowa Select and it shows in everything she does, from helping other employees, to hiring TNs, to translating meetings, you name it, she'll say yes,” said one of her co-workers. “She is incredibly hard working and a quick responder to issues that need immediate attention no matter what time of day or night it happens.”

The list of those recognized for their dedication could go on forever, but this one about Olga, the breeding department lead at Stockdale sow farm, speaks volumes.

“She never complains and always does the job,” said one of her co-workers. “Although she is quiet, she makes herself known in the farm by never quitting.”

Olga is a great reminder that dedication and hard work pay off. Those around you notice when you work hard and refuse to give up no matter what the job throws at you.

To our employees who demonstrate dedication to their work every day, thank you for embodying one of the traits that makes our company and employees awesome. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!