Hardin Co. Friendship Club-Iowa Falls

posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017

If there's one place we're always guaranteed to be greeted with an abundance of smiles, it's the Hardin County Friendship Club in Iowa Falls!

“Our smiles are so big because we absolutely love and look forward to this donation," said Mary Nelson, Director of the local organization. "In addition to putting smiles on their faces, these pork loins provide our members with several nutritious meals which is really the best part."

Located near HyVee in Iowa Falls, the Hardin County Friendship Club is a center for socialization and education for community members with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities. The Club offers a variety of events for its members and provides an extremely welcoming, family-like atmosphere.

And as if we weren't already in a good mood when we arrived, our spirits were lifted even higher when we saw how many volunteers there were on hand to help us unload 240 pounds of pork.

"Every member is going to get to take one of these loins home," said Mary. "For one person, that could mean anywhere from 3-5 nutritious meals. For our members, that is huge and we are eternally grateful." #HaulOutHunger#BillionPlus