Hardin County Friendship Club

posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016

“We always get a huge crowd when they come in, they just love the loins!” said Mary Nelson who runs the show at our next stop in Iowa Falls, the Hardin County Friendship Club, a wonderful facility that provides services and resources for people who are mentally ill or developmentally affected.

“We serve about 38 individuals a month and for many of them, People Rides is their only transportation, so having food and pork loins available in one place is great for them,” said Mary.

A warm and caring individual, Mary has been with the Friendship club for over 20 years. On top of providing daily services and resources for her clients, she also hosts a meal every Wednesday with around 35 attendees as well as a Thanksgiving meal and fun bowling outing that the Friendship Club members always look forward to.

A huge shout out to Mary for all that she does, we were happy to fill your freezer with pork loins.