Haul Out Hunger:

posted on Sunday, July 1, 2018

If we learned anything during our Haul Out Hunger deliveries today it was that there are a lot good people doing a lot of good things in southern Iowa – specifically Decatur County!

“These are “bags of joy” that our local FFA Chapter put together for families in need,” explained Troy McBroom, who works with SCICAP in both Clarke and Decatur County. “They are color-coded based on the items inside. Some have helpful household items and others have non-perishable foods. They wanted to help out the local community and really stepped up to the plate.”

After taking a peek inside the bags of joy, our team unloaded 72 pork loins into SCICAP Decatur County, located just across the street from the courthouse in Leon.

“Our clients so, so appreciate these pork loins every year,” explained Troy. “It’s just not something they can typically fit into their budget, which is a same since the healthier foods are often the most expensive.”

After visiting with Troy, our team kept on trucking towards Chariton to meet up with Gwen Simpson at the Lamoni Food Pantry.

"We all need protein to give us the energy for our day’s activities, no matter our age," said Gwen. "But unfortunately it's one of the first things to go from a diet due to high cost. 
This donation helps our families get the protein they need and extends their food dollar."

In total, our team donated 156 pork loins, which will make approximately 3,744 servings of pork for families in need.