Haul Out Hunger— Murray

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

Haul Out Hunger delivered 120 pork loins for the community of Murray, enough to provide 2,160 protein-packed servings of pork for area individuals and families in-need. 

“We don’t have a lot of variety to offer as far as meats go,” said Ami Heckman of the Murray Church of Christ Food Pantry. “Even though I am fairly new to this pantry, I can tell you that people are going to love these loins.”


What would a journey to southern Iowa be if we didn’t stop in Clarke County? On today’s deliveries, our crew delivered 10 cases of pork loins, which will provide 2,160 servings of pork for families in need in the county.

“Very seldom due we receive a donation like this,” said Janie Hatfield of SCICAP in Osceola. “We look forward to seeing the Iowa Select Farms semi in town every summer because we know it means fresh meat for our clients.”


In addition to being delicious, pork is packed full of nutrients like protein, zinc and potassium. All of which are extremely important in both the physical and cognitive development of children.

“We save these pork loins for Christmas time,” said Gerry Gilbert of Murray Community Schools. “We send students home with a fruit basket, clothing and of course, this delicious pork. We call it “Mrs. Claus and her Elves” and it’s something we all look forward to doing every year.”