Haul Out Hunger: New Opportunities - Sac County

posted on Thursday, July 5, 2018

“This place is like my baby,” said Kristi Erritt, Director of New Opportunities in Sac County. “I want people to feel like they’re in an actual store when they come here. I don’t want them to feel like they’re asking for a handout from the local food pantry and I think we’ve done a pretty good job of achieving that goal.”

From the meticulously organized shelves of food to the rows and rows of sorted clothing (and now freezers full of pork!), there is nothing that Kristi and her dedicated staff have looked over at their center in Sac City. “I’m an organized person in life and it just transfers over here,” she laughed. “Sometimes I’ll be at home and wonder if I labeled a new item that came in, and I’ll end up coming back here at night to fix it. I just can’t help it!”

Nestled right next to The Scoop in Sac City, New Opportunities Family Development Center serves approximately 25 families per month. “Unfortunately, being in a smaller community means we don’t get as much support as other locations or pantries,” explained Kristi. “I feel that if a family has a protein source, which is the base of all means, then they will never go hungry. Which is why this donation of pork loins is so important.”

With the help of New Opportunities staff, our Haul Out Hunger crew had no problem unloading 5 cases of pork loins today, each containing 12, five-pound pork loins. Those pork loins will provide approximately 1,440 servings of pork for families in Sac County.

“We feel good when we can help someone by giving them what they need most, which is food,” continued Kristi. “All of the families we serve are special to us, and It is especially heartwarming to know that they won’t go to bed hungry thanks to our services.”