Haul Out Hunger 2018

posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Did you know that in the months of June and July food pantries are historically low? With the majority of schools out for summer vacation and holiday donations dwindling, it’s tough for food pantries, banks and community cupboards to keep their shelves stocked and freezers full. We believe that no matter the time of year everyone deserves a good meal, which is why today kicks off our six-day effort to Haul Out Hunger!

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms are ready to once again hit the road to restock the freezers of rural food pantries located in the communities where our employees, contractors and their families work and live. We have loaded more than 30 tons of Iowa Select Farms’ pork loins onto our semi, all of which are destined for 102 organizations that support critical hunger relief programs and efforts – a 10% increase from last year’s donation, allowing us to reach even more families across the state.

The boneless pork loins are approximately five pounds each and can feed 24 people a three-ounce serving of pork. That means we’ll be putting 292,320 servings of protein-packed pork onto the plates of families in need!

We invite you to stay tuned on our social media pages (we’re on Instagram and Twitter, too!) as we introduce you to the selfless, committed individuals at the heart of the food pantries that we’ll be visiting – several of whom might even be familiar faces if you followed along last year.

Many of you also know that we’re suckers for a great Facebook live video, which means we’ll be giving you inside glimpses of food pantries along our journey. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all share a passion of giving back to their communities.

With more than 30 tons of pork loins on board destined for 102 food pantries and thousands of families in need, we're ready to Haul Out Hunger!