Haul Out Hunger 2019 Was a Heavy Lift

posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

This summer, we started to feel the impact of COVID-19 on our Foundation programs when we canceled Haul Out Hunger. We missed seeing all our friends at the food pantries across rural Iowa. The food pantries come in all shapes and sizes and serve as vital organizations in these rural communities.


Last year, the cases of pork loins seemed to be particularly heavy – or maybe we’re just not hitting the gym enough. For a few weeks in June, Black Beauty served as our gym, as we stacked 12,288 pork loins instead of weights and squatted 1,024 cases instead of barbells.


In total, we visited 117 different food pantries and distributed $75,668 worth of pork to food pantries that serve the most vulnerable in rural Iowa.


Since we started Haul Out Hunger, we have distributed 5,433 cases – that’s 58,453 loins valued at $387,606!

We hope to get back at it soon, but we’ll be sure to hit the weights beforehand!