Haul Out Hunger 2022 Delivers to West Fork Food Pantry in Sheffield

posted on Monday, July 25, 2022

West Fork Food Pantry
Stop #7 of the day is at West Fork Food Pantry in Sheffield, IA.

This pantry serves 375 people per month, and they have 30 volunteers who help keep the pantry running smoothly. It was so fun to hear about their specific duties and how they even have volunteers who greet guests at the door.

“Meat and protein are essential parts of a balanced diet. With inflation rising, many families are unable to afford high quality meat such as the pork loins donated by Iowa Select Farms,” said volunteer Kim Wills.

As pork producers, we take a lot of pride in supplying a nutritional source of protein for families to enjoy in their meals. We also know how much they serve as a sigh of relief to some families in need.

We hope the 2,592 servings of pork loin donated at West Fork Food Pantry today help provide that balanced diet to families in the community.
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