Haul Out Hunger 2022 Delivers to Clearfield United Methodist Church

posted on Monday, August 1, 2022

ISF interns and panty helpers standing outside pantry
If you’re from southern Iowa, you may know Clearfield as the town with the big 4th of July celebration.

Our stop here today was at the Clearfield Community Food Pantry at the Clearfield United Methodist Church.

“You have been such a blessing to us, and particularly now with the cost of groceries and meat. Thanks to this foundation for their thoughtfulness and willingness to help,” said volunteer Leann Baker.

We know these food pantries serve as a huge blessing to families in their communities, so we are glad to be a small part of what helps families provide a nutritious meal.

1,080 servings of pork loins were donated to this pantry today, and we know that will serve many families in this community.

Thank you to Leeann and her volunteers for all you do!