Haul Out Hunger 2022 Delivers to Denison First United Methodist Church

posted on Friday, July 29, 2022

A large group of helpers in Denison today! Denison First United Methodist Church serves 500 families per month with 14-20 volunteers on hand, and we even got help from one of our own finishing supervisors today, Mike Rauch.

Volunteer Nany Gesy told us, “Being able to provide a hearty and healthy meal to so many families is so important. Some families may only get one meal a day.”

We believe all families should have access to a quality meal and more than one per day. We hope our donation of 2,592 servings of pork loin helps bridge that gap for the families in need.

Homegrown Iowa is all about supporting one another, so we love to visit these food pantries all over our communities and do our part to give back.
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Denison volunteer group