Haul Out Hunger 2022 Delivers to Riceville

posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Riceville Food Pantry Crew
The Riceville Food Pantry has doubled the number of individuals they serve in the last six months, and it’s a number the volunteers have not seen before. With the rise of inflation, we know it is difficult to obtain a high-quality meat protein option.

This is why we are so glad we were able to deliver roughly 2500 servings of pork loin to this pantry today.

The volunteers at this pantry are so helpful and have a long list of duties they fulfill to ensure the pantry is well-stocked for members of their community.

Diane Setka, volunteer at the Riceville Food Pantry, mentioned, “Protein-rich foods are always in high-demand at our local food pantry partners because they're some of the most expensive for people to buy at the grocery store, and they're also the most expensive for our food pantry to buy.”

We enjoyed our time in Riceville today!