Haul Out Hunger 2022 Delivers to South Central Iowa Community Action Program

posted on Thursday, July 21, 2022

Decatur & Clark County Food Pantry Coordinator with ISF employees
A double stop in Clarke County  to donate a total of 204 pork loins – 3,672 servings – to split between South Central Iowa Community Action Program Decatur & Clarke counties!

Troy McBroom oversees both food pantries in each county, and he told us, “We are seeing a bigger number of people requesting help from the food pantries, and some that have never participated before. This is all because of the increase in most all foods across the board. Helping them with the pork loins is huge for some of these families, and they are always grateful for the meat.”

Hearing stories like this make our donations even more special. We understand the difficult choices families are facing right now, and we know the pork loins are a way to bring a little bit of ease to these families in need.