Haul Out Hunger— Allison

posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

“For some families in Butler County, this is the only meat that they will ever have in their diet,” said Felicia Schrage, who helps coordinate the Allison Food Pantry. “That’s why we appreciate how large and fresh the loins are, because it makes it easier for our clients to stretch them into as many meals as possible.”

Butler Co

Located on the second floor of City Hall, the Allison Food Pantry serves anywhere from 20-40 families a month and relies on eight regular volunteers.

“Six of our volunteers help out once a month and the other two help three times a month,” explained Felicia. “The really are the engine of our food pantry. We wouldn’t be able to keep it going without the support of local volunteers.”

Felicia and the others that volunteer their time do it simply because it’s the right thing to do. “We know that we are helping others in our community, and that’s all we can hope for,” she said. “It makes us feel good when we know that we’ve made someone else’s life a little bit easier.”

Butler County

After transporting 48 pork loins up to second floor of City Hall and into the freezers at the Allison Food Pantry, our crew took a short trip up the road to donate an additional 24 pork loins for clients of Butler County Visions of Well-Being, an organization that supports families in Allison, Clarksville, Parkersburg, Shell Rock, New Hartford, Aplington and Greene.

In total, Haul Out Hunger delivered 72 pork loins in Butler County, enough to provide 1,728 servings of pork.