Haul Out Hunger— CANA, Fort Dodge

posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

“We host a lunch once a week for around 50 community members in need,” explained Rev. Barbara Huisman. “Meat is a huge portion of our limited budget, so this will allow us to offer larger, more nutritious meals.”

Located at 18 S. 3rd Street, CANA is a safe space that is dedicated to transforming lives in Webster and surrounding counties. “We let people know that they are welcome here just as they are,” continued Rev. Barb. “Life can be tough. And we just let people know that we’re here to help. We’re all in this together.”


From shredded pork, to casseroles, soups and hearty sandwiches, the team at CANA is looking forward to using the 24 pork loins Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation donated to good use. Some of the loins will also be used for emergency food relief.

“We were so thrilled to receive this donation,” exclaimed Rev. Barb. “We couldn’t hardly believe someone was donating this much, high quality meat. We are so grateful and will make sure to stretch the pork loins as far as possible.”