Haul Out Hunger— Chickasaw County Food Pantry

posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Haul Out Hunger delivered 84 pork loins for the community of New Hampton. In total, Chickasaw County received 540 pounds of pork that will provide 1,944 servings of pork for area individuals and families in-need. 

New Hampton

“Meats are very expensive for the Food Pantry to purchase,” said Pam Pickar of the Chickasaw County Food Pantry in New Hampton. “And although we do not get very many meat donations during the year, we want the clients to have a nutritionally balanced food offering. This donation helps make that possible.”

Open every Friday to the public, the pantry is funded by the local hospital in town. In addition to Pam and Marilyn, the food pantry relies on volunteers from five local churches to sign up for monthly shifts. 


“We have some volunteers who have served for at least ten years,” said Pam. “It is also kind of a social occasion for many of them. We all share a passion for giving back to our community.”

She continued, “The families that we serve cannot afford quality meat like these loins. They are great because they’re delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare."