Haul Out Hunger— Clarksville & Shellrock

posted on Friday, August 2, 2019

"Large donations of meat like this are few and far between so this is just amazing," said Teresa Poland, who has served as the coordinator of the Clarksville Food Pantry for the past seven years. "Our clients look forward to this every year. We don't have to hardly say more than, "Iowa Select Farms is coming!" to put a giant smile on their faces. They know that means loins are on the way."


Teresa and her crew of ten volunteers do an excellent job of keeping it well stocked, organized and clean. "We see anywhere from 140-160 families a month, but it can vary," she explained. "Summer months are obviously difficult on families because kids are out of school and don't have free or reduced breakfast and lunch available for them. Families are really stretching their paychecks to make things work. We want to make sure that no matter what happens, no one goes hungry."

Teresa Poland

Running a food pantry is no easy task and although she has helpers, the amount of time and effort Teresa dedicates at the food shelf is so impressive. Thank you for all of your efforts in the community of Clarksville, Teresa! We appreciate our partnership with your pantry and were proud to leave 2,680 pounds of fresh pork in your town today.

While in town, we also visited with Rose Meyer of the Shellrock Food Pantry. Since it's a mobile food pantry, they don't have access to refrigerators or coolers. Luckily, the friendly folks at Orly's Locker in town willingly store loins for them. Just another example of communities working together to end hunger!