Haul Out Hunger— Eagle Grove

posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

This year our Haul Out Hunger team made three stops in Eagle Grove to deliver 30 cases of pork loins. Those cases each contain 12 loins and in total will provide nearly 6,480 servings of pork for local families in need.

“Eagle Grove School District is on 80% free and reduced lunch,” said Pastor John Nett of the Grace Evangelical Free Church. “We try to assess ways that we can be of most help and that’s been through food donations.”

It takes the entire congregation working together year ‘round for the pantry at the E-Free Church in Eagle Grove to stay up and running, but currently they’re able to support 50 families a year.

“We also try to work with the local food pantry, but when we are aware of a family’s need we help with whatever we can,” continued Pastor John. “Meat is an expensive item and these pork loins are a real blessing.”

According to Pastor Nett, canned goods, bread and pasta are easier to come by, but they hardly ever  get donations of meat. "Protein is expensive and the families we serve can’t typically afford to buy much of it. These pork loins are going to make such a positive difference in their lives.”