Haul Out Hunger— First United Methodist Church, Chariton

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

“We have a small pantry that we open up on an as-needed basis for families in the area,” explained Teresa Lahart of the First United Methodist Church in Chariton. “But we also use these loins to feed low-income families in the winter months. During the last week of the month when budgets are especially tight, we welcome anywhere from 50-70 families into our church for a nutritious, home-cooked meal.”

What we love most about our journey to Haul Out Hunger in the state of Iowa is the opportunity to interact with pantries and volunteers like those at the First United Methodist Church. Pantries come in all shapes and sizes and there is no right or wrong way to organize.

On today’s visit, we made sure to fill the church’s freezer and refrigerator as full as possible with pork loins. 36 of them to be exact!

“We are so grateful for this donation,” continued Teresa. “It allows us to help a lot of families in our community at times when they need it most.”