Haul Out Hunger: Grundy

posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

“This donation is just such a blessing,” said Jaynie Mason, who works with Operation Threshold and the Grundy County Food Pantry. “Every year we can’t hardly believe that we get to place a large order for pork loins and it seems like just the next day it shows up on our front step, and with all of these smiles nonetheless. It’s just too good to be true!”

As one of the main relief organizations in Grundy County, Operation Threshold offers a variety of services and resources to local community members including access to affordable housing, crisis services, heating assistance and childhood development programs.

“Our clients can’t always afford to incorporate protein-packed products like this into their diets,” continued Jaynie. “Plus, numbers typically increase in the summer, so this donation couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Operation Threshold and the Grundy County Food Pantry typically serve anywhere from 60-80 families in the area, which is roughly 300 people.

“We don’t really advertise our services,” explained Jaynie. “Most of our clients come as a referral, calling us for more information or simply by word-of-mouth. I’m sure our phones are going to be ringing off the hook once they hear about the 180 pork loins that just came to town!”

Our visit in Grundy County also included a visit to the Dike United Methodist Church, where we met up with Shelley Viet, who helps coordinate the pantry, along with other local volunteers.

“We rely on 6 volunteers to help keep our shelves stocked and support our clients,” said Shelley. “It’s definitely a big responsibility, but our volunteers have a desire to serve and better our community.”

The Dike Food Pantry opens its doors to clients once a month and occasionally twice per month or on an as-needed basis.

“Fresh meat like this is extremely hard to come by,” said Shelley. “Our clients will really appreciate this donation and more than likely roast or grill it for a delicious summer meal. We are so grateful for this timely donation.”

In total, our Haul Out Hunger team delivered 228 loins in Grundy County, enough to feed 5,472 servings of pork for families in need.