Haul Out Hunger— Huxley

posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

“Simply put, we don’t get meat donations,” explained Jackie Rasmussen of the Huxley-Kelley Food Pantry. “This donation is such a blessing for our pantry.”

Nestled in the back half of a beautiful, old home you will find the Huxley Food Pantry.

“Holidays and summer break are typically when families struggle most with stretching their budgets even further than usual," explained Jackie. "We think that simply being together for family meals is important, so we encourage that as much as possible. Our baskets are just one example of the things that we're doing to bring these families closer together."

Thanks to the tireless work of volunteers, the Huxley food pantry is able to open their doors once a month. Currently, the pantry serves more than 323 households, which equates to roughly 962 people.

In addition to opening their doors to local families once a month, the Huxley Food Pantry puts together baskets throughout the year for Easter, Christmas and even birthdays.

A huge thanks goes out to Jackie and her volunteers who continue to blow us away with their kindness, generosity and determination to help combat hunger in their community. 
Communities like Huxley are what keep us motivated, energized and excited to end hunger in the state of Iowa.