Haul Out Hunger: Jefferson

posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

“Protein is a vital part of our diet to ensure we stay strong and healthy,” said Shirley Haupert, director/head volunteer at the Greene County Christian Action Resource Center. “It’s important for everyone, but especially children.”

It was all hands on deck in Jefferson when our semi rolled into town. Our Haul Out Hunger crew was welcomed by more than 15 hard-working volunteers to help unload 1,300 pounds of pork loins for a total of 20 cases at Greene County Christian Action Resource Center.

"We receive donations from the community and are set up like a thrift store, except everything you see here is free," explained Shirley. "Our clients can "shop" when they come in once a month for their package of food and pick up any necessary clothing or household items that they need."

Similar to other food pantries, the Greene County Action Resource Center distributes food based on household size and even takes the time to put together bags for their clients.
"Cereal, fruits, vegetables, canned goods and occasionally meat. We pack all kinds of goodies in here," explained Shirley as she referenced an example care package for food insecure households. "When you serve as many people as we do, you have to make it as quick of a process as possible."

Located in the heart of Jefferson, the Greene County Action Resource Center opens their doors every Wednesday and serves 130 families per month. To keep their shelves stocked, the center relies on the support of local churches, Kiwanis, Rotary Club and of course, companies like Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation.

After visiting with Shirley and crew, we headed across town to New Opportunities, where we met with

With locations in Audubon, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Greene, Guthrie and Sac County, Family Development Centers provide a variety of services to income eligible individuals through New Opportunities.

We had so much fun filling the freezers in Jefferson with pork loins today and are already looking forward to next year's visit. Thanks for yet another great visit Shirley and crew!