Haul Out Hunger— Kellerton

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

"This pork is just such a blessing," said Kathy Johnson, who manages the Kellerton Food Pantry. "It's going to mean so much to everyone in the community. We haven’t received a meat donation for quite some time and our clients are already asking when they can come pick it up. They're just so excited!"

With nearly 14% of the population living at or below the poverty line in Ringgold County, pantries like Kathy's stay awfully busy and we're confident that the 600 pounds of pork we donated today will help families that need it most.


Haul Out Hunger filled the freezers at the Kellerton Food Pantry with 120 pork loins, enough to provide 2,160 protein-packed servings of pork for area families in-need. 

"Being centrally located in town with our own building, everyone knows where we are," she said. "We often have kids stop by for food when their parents are at work. They'll even stick around to help load groceries for the elderly. It's sweet to see them paying it forward. We are only open once a month but I wish it could be more. The people in this area could definitely use the help."