Haul Out Hunger: Lake City

posted on Thursday, July 5, 2018

“Days like this make me really proud to not only have Iowa Select Farms as a part of our community, but to also have a son that works for the company in the maintenance department,” said Janelle Nesbitt. “We are lucky to have a company in Calhoun County that is so committed to giving back.”

What would our journey to Haul Out Hunger be without several stops in Calhoun County? After filling the freezers at New Opportunities in Rockwell City with 300 pork loins, our semi headed down the road to Lake City where we met with Janelle and volunteers from the Lake City Food Pantry, which is housed inside the Union Methodist Church. Their team helped us unload an additional 48 pork loins. In total, Calhoun County received enough pork to provide 8,352 servings of pork.

“We are going to use these loins to help feed our youth group,” explained Janelle. “But we also have the food pantry here that supports families in the community. We are just so, so, so excited to be receiving these loins!”

Although this was the first year we stopped at the Lake City Methodist Church and community food pantry, it definitely won’t be our last. We are proud of the partnerships we’ve made, but look forward to growing that number during next year’s donations because we know that it takes everyone working together to Haul Out Hunger!