Haul Out Hunger: Lord's Cupboard - Alta

posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

“We are just delighted to have been included in this donation,” said Sue Geyer of the Lord’s Cupboard in Alta. “This large of a donation is huge for us and the clients we serve. We are just so excited about it.”

We can’t believe it’s taken us so long to find Sue and her pantry – but by golly, we finally did! On the final stop of Haul Out Hunger, our crew (and Sue’s helpful husband!) unloaded 60 pork loins into the freezers at the Lord’s Cupboard.

“We serve between 55-60 households per year, and they can come numerous times,” explained Sue. “We are so proud of this pantry and how much we’ve built it up over the years.” 
Since 1979, the Lord’s Cupboard has been serving families in Alta and surrounding communities through donations of food, household items, personal hygiene products, diapers and more.

“We try to keep our shelves stocked as much as possible and now our freezers full too, I suppose,” chuckled Sue. “But we believe it’s important to have items other than food because it allows families to spend their money on food, rather than things around the house, like dish soap.”

In addition to Iowa Select Farms, the pantry relies on local support and even receives donations from grocery stores. The pork loins delivered today during Haul Out Hunger will provide approximately 1,440 servings of pork for local families in need.

“We’ve spent the last two weeks traveling the state of Iowa filling the freezers of food pantries with boneless pork loins in an effort to alleviate hunger,” said Allyson Ladd of Iowa Select Farms. “These pork loins provide important nutrients for children and adults alike, including protein, zinc and potassium.”

An effort of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select farms, Haul Out Hunger 2018 deliveries included more than 60,000 pounds of pork for 102 different banks, pantries and food-assistance organizations across the state of Iowa. And although this was our first year stopping through Alta – it definitely won’t be our last!