Haul Out Hunger: Lord's Cupboard- Jewell

posted on Thursday, July 5, 2018

“Simply put, we do not have the funds to purchase much meat for the families we serve,” said Susan Lund of the Lord’s Cupboard food pantry in Jewell. “We are so grateful for this donation and I know that families are really excited to receive a pork loin.”

Located in Bethesda Lutheran Church, the Lord’s Cupboard opens their doors for approximately 40 families a month in Jewell and surrounding communities.

“We are here to lend a helping hand for families struggling to make ends meet,” explained Lund. “We allow them to 'shop' for items that they’ll eat at home, which has really helped us keep our shelves stocked while ensuring families are getting items they truly want and need.”

According to Feeding America, 360,540 people in Iowa are struggling with hunger – and of them, 115,890 are children.

“We try really hard to keep items in our pantry that children will enjoy and also get nutrition from,” said Barb Johnston, another volunteer at the pantry in Jewell. “Protein is such an important part of our diet, but unfortunately due to cost, it’s one of the first things to go from a family’s budget. These loins are going to have a huge, positive impact.”

On the first stop of our sixth day journey to Haul Out Hunger, our team stocked the freezers at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Jewell with 48 pork loins – enough to provide at least 1,152 servings of pork for local families in need.

“Since we don’t have access to a lot of meat, this donation lifts weight off our shoulders,” continued Susan. “We know that the families we serve will get several, quality meals from these pork loins and we couldn’t be more excited or grateful.”