Haul Out Hunger— Lyle

posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Haul Out Hunger delivered 36 pork loins for the close-knit community of Lyle. In total, the pork loins will yield approximately 648 protein-packed servings of pork for area families in-need. 

“Our families are hungry and need this meat,” said Colleen Crouch, one of the volunteers at the Lyle Food Shelf. “But unfortunately it’s one of the more expensive items at the grocery store and they can’t always afford it, so this donation is going to be such a blessing for them.”


Located in Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, the Lyle Food Pantry works with the local school and churches to identify families in need of assistance. This small, but mighty food pantry has a lot of heart and receives support from the local Boy Scout troop and community fundraisers. While the number varies, at times the pantry has supported more than 15 local families.

“Simply put, we do not receive many meat donations,” explained Colleen. “These pork loins are not only going to provide a hearty meal, if not several, but they’re also going to provide an abundance of nutrients to the families that get to enjoy them. We are so appreciative.”