Haul Out Hunger— MATURA, Adams County

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

“Protein is necessary to help our bodies function and keep us strong and healthy,” said Holly Steevy of MATURA Adams County Outreach Center. “This donation is going to provide a great product for our clients that otherwise might not be able to afford.”


With six locations throughout southwest and south central Iowa, MATURA outreach centers provide quality programming for families and individuals in their community, assisting them in achieving self-sufficiency, strengthening families and improving quality of life.

“When we are able to give out pork loins our clients are so grateful,” continued Holly. “Families appreciate that they’re large and can be stretched out for several meals.”

On average, MATURA Adams County serves 25-30 families, all of whom will receive a hefty sized pork loin after today’s donation. In total, our Haul Out Hunger team unloaded 20 cases of pork loins which will last the center several months, if not longer.