Haul Out Hunger: MATURA Madison County Outreach Center

posted on Sunday, July 1, 2018

“Staying healthy is important, but it’s not always easy when the healthiest food is the most expensive food,” said Anne Withers of MATURA Madison County Outreach Center. “We are excited to offer these pork loins to our clients, I just know they’re going to love them.”

Nestled off of John Wayne Drive (we were in Winterset, after all!), MATURA serves as an assistance center for families struggling with food insecurity, homeless prevention, independent living, low-income home energy assistance, workforce training, childcare and more.

“We are here to lend a helping hand,” continued Anne. “We know that people can fall on hard times and we want them to know it’s going to be ok. We are here to help.”

As the temperatures started to creep this afternoon, our Haul Out Hunger team stayed cooled by unloaded 36 frozen pork loins into the freezer at MATURA Madison County. “Oooh boy, these are cold!” laughed Anne. “Hurry up and take a picture before my hands freeze anymore!”

Today’s donation will provide 864 servings of protein-packed pork for families in Madison County.