Haul Out Hunger— MATURA Taylor County

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

“Families are allowed to visit our pantry once a month to help with their needs,” explained Lydia Brumfield of MATURA Taylor County Neighborhood Center. “If an issue or emergency arises within that 30-day period, we of course will help them make other arrangements.”

Located on Madison Street in Bedford, MATURA Taylor County works to provide quality programming for families and individuals in the community, assisting them in achieving self-sufficiency, strengthening families and improving quality of life. In total there are six MATURA locations: Adair, Adams, Madison, Ringgold, Taylor and Union.

“Everyone is so excited to get their hands on one of these loins – that is, if they can fit it in their hands,” joked Lydia. “This meat is an excellent source of protein that a lot of families, even the larger ones, can stretch pretty far.”

On today’s visit, we unloaded six cases of pork loins that each contained 12 loins. The 72 loins will yield approximately 1,728 servings of pork for Taylor County residents. 
“We love being able to provide our clients with the typical food pantry items, but this pork loin makes the boxes we provide them extra special,” continued Lydia. “We are just so grateful.”