Haul Out Hunger: Mormon Trail Food Pantry

posted on Sunday, July 1, 2018

“We’ve actually got a student in the food pantry today that we’re going to send a pork loin home with,” said representatives of the Mormon Trail Food Pantry. “His family’s going to be so excited.”

We love when we get the opportunity to add a new food pantry to our Haul Out Hunger donation list, so when we heard about the community food pantry housed in the Mormon Trail Elementary School we were especially excited.

“We have strong ties to this community,” said Allyson Ladd of Iowa Select Farms. “Not only do we have several employees, farm managers and supervisors that live in this area, but we are also wrapping up our Mormon Trail Community Care Grant donations. Coming to town is always fun and we’re so happy to have discovered this food pantry.”

The last time our Iowa Select Farms' semi rolled through Humeston it was to donate 500 pork loins as a part of Operation Christmas Meal On-the-Go. And although we loved that event, we have to admit we appreciated the warmer weather for today’s delivery.

On our first visit to the Mormon Trail Food Pantry, we filled their freezer with 15 cases of pork loins. Each loin is anywhere from 4.5 to 5 pounds and provides 24, 3-oz. servings of pork, which means the loins donated today will provide roughly 4,320 servings of nutritious pork for families in the Mormon Trail Community.