Haul Out Hunger— Nashua

posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Haul Out Hunger delivered 14 pork loins for the community of Nashua. The loins will provide approximately 252 servings of pork for area families in-need. 

"We open our doors every Friday morning and together with the help of volunteers from one of the churches in town," explained Pat Kilby of the Nashua Area Food Pantry. "We have regular clients that come once a month but we also help families that are going through an emergency or unexpectedly difficult time in their lives. When someone in the community is struggling, we are here to help."


For more than 20 years, Pat has been volunteering her time at the Nashua Area Food Pantry to help families get through hard times.

"Meat is a hard commodity for us to come by and even harder for these families to buy," explained Pat. "We are going to send this pork to those that need it most."


Pat looks forward to the Haul Out Hunger donation every summer because it's extremely timely with kids out of school for the summer, but still needing nutrients to keep them fueled for summer activities and learning. 

"We are so grateful, and know the families we serve will be too," she exclaimed.