Haul Out Hunger— Osage

posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Haul Out Hunger delivered 240 pork loins for the community of Osage. In total, the loins will provide approximately 4,320 servings of protein-packed for for area individuals and families in-need. 


"We'll make this meat last until Christmas," said Leo, who explains that this is typically the only meat donation that the food bank receives. "We look forward to the Iowa Select Farms semi coming to town every summer because we know what it means -- more delicious pork is on the way!" 


Annually, the food bank assists 2,650 people throughout Mitchell County and has served more than one million meals to local families in need. The food bank does not have on-site freezer storage so Leo relies on the local Payless grocery store to not only store the loins, but to take it one step further and slice them in half to ensure that as many families as possible receive a loin.