Haul Out Hunger: Riceville

posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

“I remember receiving a call from a concerned teacher about some students she had that could benefit from the pantry,” said Diane Setka of the Riceville Food Pantry. “We brought them in one afternoon and one of the boys said, “This is the smallest grocery store that I have ever seen,” it was funny, but quickly turned into an eye-opening experience when one of the boys explained that they had no food in their house at the time. I was so proud that we could step in and help when they needed it most.”

Riceville is a tremendous example of a community coming together to open their hearts and help those around them in need. Last year alone, the pantry dispersed nearly 20,000 pounds of food to 329 households. According to Diane, seven area churches work together to organize the food pantry that currently serves 728 individuals – 177 of which are children.

This is the eighth year that Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation have donated to the Riceville Food Pantry – a community that we are extremely passionate about considering the number of our employees and contractors that call Riceville “home”. In addition to annual pork loin donations, we’ve been extremely involved in the community through the work of our community care grant program and Operation Christmas Meal On-the-Go.

“We distribute food based on the size of the family and our clients can come visit us twice a month,” explained Diana. “You couldn’t have come at a better time because our pork loin supply was dwindling. We are going to make this new batch stretch as far as possible and help as many people in Riceville as possible. We are going to do a lot of good for families in need.”