Haul Out Hunger: Slater

posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

It's not often that you come across food pantry coordinators that also happen to be the co-founders of their local pantry, then again there aren't many people as kind and generous with their time as Judy and Craig Whitney.

“With the help of many local volunteers we have been able to keep this food pantry up and running for over 30 years now," explained Craig. "We absolutely couldn't do it without them. We have about 21 volunteers and they each volunteer approximately 6 times a year."

Open twice a month, the Slater-Sheldahl Food Pantry serves 35-45 families.

“Our freezers have been looking a little scarce lately, so this donation is so timely,” says Judy. "With kids out of school in the summer it's extremely difficult to make budgets and food stretch. It's a struggle for us, too."

Our Haul Out Hunger team recognizes that food pantries are historically low in the months on June and July, which is why we knew today would be the perfect opportunity to donate 48 pork loins, or 240 pounds of pork, to local families in need in the Slater and Sheldahl communities.

“Many of our clients tell us how grateful they are for these pork loins,” continued Judy. “This donation means they don’t have to make the difficult decision of shorting their family of food in order to pay the bills.”