Haul Out Hunger: Upper Des Moines Opportunity- Humboldt County

posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

“We serve approximately 80 families a month, which has been about 230 individuals so far in June,” explained Becky Jensen of Upper Des Moines Opportunity (UDMO) in Humboldt County. “Our numbers have really increased lately, so any support we can get is welcomed.”

Located in the same building as the Humboldt County Ministerial Food Pantry, UDMO works with the Iowa Food Bank, 12 local churches, grocery stores, Lions Club, Kiwanis, hospital and Iowa Select Farms to keep their shelves stocked and freezers full.

“Right now we are using our funds to purchase meat for our clients,” said Becky. “But that’s just ground beef and hot dogs, so I can only imagine the smiles these pork loins are going to put on people’s faces.”

On today’s visit, our Haul Out Hunger crew unloaded 120 pork loins at the food pantry in Humboldt. Those loins will provide approximately 2,880 servings of nutritious pork for families in need.

“Protein is an important part of everyone’s diet, especially children,” continued Becky. “But the reality is that most families can’t afford it with limited budgets.”

The pantry is open for qualifying families every Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 – 11:30AM, but UDMO also offers services like energy assistance, chore services for the elderly, budget counseling, baby supplies, among many other services. They office out of the courthouse in Dakota City.

“We are dedicated to building stronger communities,” said Becky. “We continue to evolve and grow in order to serve as best as we can. We’re very grateful for this donation because it will help us feed families at times when they need it most.”