Haul Out Hunger: Upper Des Moines Opportunity- Palo Alto County

posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

“Meat is something we don’t ever receive as a donation,” explained Peg Martini of Upper Des Moines Opportunity (UDMO) in Palo Alto County. “We usually have to purchase out of pocket, which can get really expensive, really fast.”

Located in Emmetsburg, UDMO provides a variety of services including a food pantry, energy assistance, chore services for the elderly, budget counseling, baby supplies, among many others. In total, there are 12 counties with UDMO locations, the majority of which are located in Northwest Iowa.

“We are dedicated to building stronger communities,” said Peg. “We continue to evolve and grow in order to serve as best as we can. We’re very grateful for this donation because it will help us feed families at times when they need it most.”

On today’s visit, our Haul Out Hunger crew unloaded 120 pork loins at UDMO in Emmetsburg. Those loins will provide approximately 2,880 servings of nutritious pork for families in need.

“With the rising cost of groceries, this helps our clients stretch their food money,” continued Peg. “They’ll slice it up into chops, throw it in a crockpot or roast it. Either way, they’re able to stretch this large loin into multiple meals, which is exciting.”

After visiting with Peg in Emmetsburg, we hopped back into our semi and made the quick trip up to Graettinger where we filled the freezers at Unity Lutheran Ministries Food Pantry with 180 pork loins.

“Meat is something that our clients always request, but we can’t always provide,” said Rev. Chris Lang. “Of course everyone needs it, but it’s a shame that everyone can’t afford it. That’s where we step in to help as much as possible. This donation is such a blessing.”

Thus far during today’s deliveries, our crew has unloaded 1,224 pork loins for families in 8 different communities. Those pork loins will go on to provide nearly 30,000 servings of pork for families in Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Humboldt, Emmet and Wright counties. We’re doing our best to Haul Out Hunger!