Haul Out Hunger— Wright County Food Pantry in Eagle Grove

posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

“We purchase meat with the money donated from local support, but it’s never the quality that these pork loins are,” said Marcella Johnson of the Wright County Food Pantry. “Everyone gets so, so excited for this donation.”

If you’ve ever been to or even heard of the Wright County Food Pantry in Eagle Grove, you’ve more than likely heard about Marcella.

“Boy, I think I’ve been volunteering here for 20 years now,” she chuckled. “I worked for community action and the pantry was located there, so it was a natural transition. But I’m getting older you know. I’m 85 now, but just can’t say goodbye to the people. I love helping them.”

On any given month, the Wright County Food Pantry serves 25-30 families, but that number is typically in the 40s during the summer. Families are allowed to visit once every three months, but are not ever turned away if they run out of food.

“It’s hard to keep our shelves stocked some months,” explained Marcella. “But we’re very fortunate to receive support from local churches, boy and girl scouts, the post office and Iowa Select Farms.”

In addition to Marcella, the pantry relies on 7 volunteers that rotate weekly shifts. In fact, many of them were at the pantry today to help unload 10 cases of loins, or 120 pork loins, into the freezers of the pantry.

“Our families typically get canned tuna, hotdogs, chicken and ground beef, which is why these pork loins are always so welcomed,” said Marcella. “They’re some of the biggest, most delicious pork loins I’ve ever seen and we’re so appreciate of this donation every year.”