Haul Out Hunger— Diagonal

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

“It’s important that no family in our community goes without healthy food,” said Danielle Newton, who serves as secretary for Diagonal Schools. “Families are very grateful for the food support we are able to provide them, and these loins are definitely going to put some big smiles on people’s faces.”

Thanks to our awesome Haul Out Hunger crew, we quickly unloaded 240 pork loins for the community of Diagonal, which will yield approximately 4,320 servings of pork.

"These pork loins are going directly to families in need here in our town," explained Danielle. “Whether it's someone that the Lions Club helps, a family that we identify at school, church or just someone in the community that needs a helping hand – we are directly helping people here in Diagonal."

In addition to being delicious, pork is packed full of nutrients like protein, zinc and iron that are especially important in both the physical and cognitive development of children.

“Making sure that families have healthy food is an important asset to a child’s developing brain,” said Danielle. “The reality is that some families are less fortunate and it’s harder for them to purchase quality protein like this because it’s expensive. We’re grateful for this donation that is helping make a huge, positive impact on the children and families in our community.”

As always, thanks for a fun visit Diagonal! We love your close-knit community and look forward to seeing you again next year with our semi packed full of pork!