Helping Fight Food Insecurity at East Sac

posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

“East Sac County CSD, like many rural schools in Iowa, has students and families who struggle to obtain healthy food,” said Kevin Litterer, Principal of East Sac County Community School District. “Hunger is a pervasive issue for schools since it impacts academic achievement, school attendance, and social-emotional health. Providing healthy snacks is another piece of the puzzle in providing a quality educational environment for our schools.”

Principal holds power snack materials

The Power Snack program through the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation gives Principal Litterer and his staff the ability to supply students within their school determined to be food-insecure with 1,500 Power Snack coupon booklets, valuing over $12,000 in deli ham and whole wheat bread coupons.

East Sac County Community School District also operates a school based food pantry which assists many families in need.

Lake View is one of many towns across the state of Iowa that will be receiving Power Snacks. Continue following along to see where we are heading next!


Hallway in East Sac High School