Henry's Heroes is Delivering Nearly 200 Boxes to Rural Shelters and Crisis Centers

posted on Sunday, November 3, 2019


“We met with a survivor with a protective order this morning and she has an 8-month old,” said Taylor Sullivan with Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center “We’re going to call her to tell her we have a Henry's Heroes box for her.”

Today, 30 Henry’s Heroes care packages were delivered to the Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center in Adel. The Center serves the rural areas of Dallas, Guthrie, Adair, Madison, Adams, Union, Clarke, Taylor, Ringgold and Decatur counties.

The Center operates a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline, supports victims at hospitals and emergency rooms and connects survivors with community resources, like women’s groups, churches, and food pantries.

Food pantries we’ve gotten to know really well, like the Adams, Taylor, Ringgold, Union and Madison MATURA centers, plus all of the little church pantries supported by the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation during Haul Out Hunger.

Taylor says the staff works to connect victims and survivors with any and all community resources, and children's items are critical.

“The Henry’s Heroes supplies are covering the areas where we don’t have a lot of resources,” said Taylor.

The Center will be distributing the care packages throughout its service area to assist their support teams during crisis intervention situations.

The Henry’s Heroes boxes were assembled with items donated by the families and friends of Iowa Select Farms, and packed by 50 children during an event last weekend.

Items include diapers, wipes, children’s medicine, bottles, baby shampoo, baby wash, tissues, chapstick, and warm hats and mittens.

Nearly 200 boxes are being delivered to rural shelters and crisis intervention groups by the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation over the next few weeks.

The Henry’s Heroes Program was added in 2019 to the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation’s coalition of programs that help communities across Iowa. Items will be distributed to communities through the Foundation’s Haul Out Hunger, Operation Christmas Meal and Little Free Pantry programs, and direct to emergency family resource facilities.

Founded in 2006, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms operate programs throughout Iowa focused on providing hunger relief, showing gratitude to members of the Armed Services, and supporting families impacted by childhood cancer.