Henry's Heroes Makes Big Impact in First Year

posted on Friday, July 24, 2020

You can tell Bonnie Tyler that she doesn’t need to keep Holding Out For a Hero because Henry’s Heroes is here! (For those of you born post 1980, check out the Footloose soundtrack and then come back to this post…)

In 2019, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation added Henry’s Heroes to its roster of programs. The program was inspired by Henry Johnson, Jeff and Deb Hansen’s grandchild and the son of Natalie and Jake Johnson. Natalie had the vision for Henry’s Heroes after she and Jake organized a donation of Henry’s baby shower items to be gifted to Blank Children’s Hospital.


After Henry was born, they founded the program to help provide basic children’s necessities not covered by governmental support programs. Henry’s Heroes supplies children’s personal care items to hospitals, food pantries and women and children’s shelters.


In its first year, the program helped 245 Iowa families and made donations valued at $12,050 to 127 organizations.


One of those organizations was Community & Family Resources in Fort Dodge. The executive director said, “We work with thousands of individuals throughout our eight counties. The contents of the boxes really help out these families during times of recovery and our clients have been so grateful.”

Quite a heroic effort, indeed!