Hey Osage! We're here with Power Snack coupons!

posted on Monday, November 1, 2021

Hey Osage! We’re here with Power Snack coupons! We have made stops at Lincoln Elementary, Osage Middle School and Osage High School to help the students in this great community who face food insecurities.

"The Power Snack coupons provide food security, which is one less thing for children to worry about," said Osage Middle School Counselor, Sharon Reinardy. "It allows them to focus on more important things such as their learning and socializing."

In total, we were able to give 1,100 Power Snack coupon booklets and 600 pork sticks to help relieve the burden of food costs on students and families in Osage.

osage school

Osage, like many other districts, has established their own way of helping students, such as a backpack program. "These are the perfect addition to our backpack program," said Erin Wilson, Osage High School Counselor.

Through the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms, we stay committed to fighting childhood hunger across our Iowa communities, just like Osage.

Lincoln Elementary Counselor, Erin Bremer, says, "Power Snack coupons are MUCH appreciated by families that need the extra financial support. Thank you!"