Homegrown Iowa

posted on Friday, November 10, 2017

Let’s talk about what Homegrown Iowa means. It means putting down roots and building something out of hard work and a passion for what you’re doing. It means being an Iowa business and having Iowa values. Equally important, it means helping others grow right along with you.

Iowa Select Farms is a homegrown Iowa company with hometown Iowa values. We've been farming in this area for 25 years and have grown to be one of the largest employers in the county—150 jobs, to be exact.

Our farms in Hamilton County bring powerful economic value through job creation and the purchasing of local goods and services necessary to run the farm—power, water, electricity, internet, trucking, construction and repair services, propane, feed and supplies.

You might be surprised to know that every year we purchase $20 million in goods and services from Hamilton county businesses. That’s the great thing about agriculture and farming, you see, it’s a living and breathing business, always nourishing in so many ways. Stay tuned as we talk more about our agricultural adventure, our Iowa families, and how we feel it's important to give back to our communities.