Homegrown Iowa: ARKO Labs

posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Rural Iowa is a place where people and businesses grow, thanks in large part to livestock farmers. Where livestock grows, so do communities, jobs, income and overall economic vitality.

ARKO Labs in Jewell, Iowa is one of the 1,700 Iowa businesses we turn to for good and services. In the walls of ARKO Labs, 18 Iowans work to ensure a safe and healthy food chain by producing livestock vaccines for swine and turkey farmers.

Veterinary vaccines are modern marvels that protect animals and public health and limits the need for antibiotics. Vaccines are a powerful link in the chain of defense against common swine diseases that includes biosecurity practices and other disease prevention measures.

Located in Hamilton County, Jewell is “A Gem in a Friendly Setting” where the ARKO team lives, works, and remains committed to bringing innovation to Iowa’s food production system, working to keep pigs healthy and bring safe food to consumers everywhere.

Iowa Select Farms is proud to keep growing communities and growing rural Iowa by supporting businesses like ARKO Labs. By the end of next year, we will be responsible for 10,961 Iowa jobs and total economic output of $1.5 billion for rural Iowa.

These jobs include those directly employed by Iowa Select Farms, as well as those who count on us for their primary source of income-like contract growers or truck drivers-as well as jobs generated by our local suppliers, like ARKO Labs.

Thanks to the ARKO team for everything you do! Read this issue of Homegrown Iowa here https://tinyurl.com/y7r6wckb